CWL Bonus Medal Information

Massacre uses the following system to ensure CWL Bonus Medals are distributed fairly.

  • Members will be given 1 point for every star they get in CWL.
  • At the end of the 7 wars the designated leader (normally thetardigrade), will tally the points each member got with their points carried over from previous wars.
  • Bonus Medals will then be distributed to members based on the highest point sums.
  • Each person who receives a bonus will then have their points reduced back to ZERO.
  • Points are accumulated per account not person, alts that sub in get their own points which do not transfer to the main account.
  • Members who leave the clan or go inactive for more than 7 days will have their points removed.
  • People who fail to make attacks in CWL when they are opt'd in will have their points reset to zero at the end of the week and thus no points will be carried forward to the next CWL and they will not get a bonus.