CWL Bonus Medal Information

Our System for giving out bonus medals:

Massacre focuses on fairly distributing the bonus medals in a way that is both fair to everyone in the clan but also transparent. This way people can reasonably anticipate when they will be getting bonus medals and when they will not. To this end the leadership have agreed on the following system of Clan War League bonus medal distribution.

To achieve this even distribution members will be given 1 point for every star they get in CWL.

At the end of the 7 wars the designated leader (normally Akadios) will tally the points each member got.  

These numbers will be added on the spreadsheet with carryover points and then Bonus Medals will be assigned. Each person who receives a bonus will then have their points reduced back to ZERO.

After this the spreadsheet will be updated to reflect this change and be posted so that members can see how many points they are carrying into the next war.

In addition to the above system a couple basic ground rules that the leaders felt needed to be covered: 

  • · Points are accumulated per account not person, alts that sub in get their own points which do not transfer to the main account.
  • · Members who leave the clan for more than 3 days will have their points removed.
  • · Failure to make an attack during CWL will result in 10 points being deducted per incident (down to zero you can not go negative).