clan war league information

Objectives for CWL


Massacre has decided to exclusively stay in the 30v30 range for CWL.  If at some point we get to Master 1 we will not seek to move up to Champions.  This will ensure that all of our members will continue to be able to participate in Clan War Leagues.

In Clan War League we strive to make sure that all main accounts will be included in all matches.  In the event there is more participants than slots we will ensure that all members get in for at least 4 wars to ensure they get maximum trophies.

As clan war leagues are the new normal for the game, we expect members to be prepared to participate in CWL with their mains.  As such if your main is unavailable you can not get your alt in automatically.  The appropriate alt based on war weight will be put in and you will sit out until your main is ready.

Current CWL: Masters 3

Bonus Medals:

Our bonus medals are distributed based on a zero sum point system.  Please click below to see how we distribute bonus medals.

CWL Bonus Medals Info