Clan war information

War Schedule

Massacre Clan engages in regular war twice a week. War search is started  at  4pm EST on Wednesday with the second war starting immediately after the first.  Having this schedule allows our members to plan for wars both in knowing if they are available as well as in respect to upgrades.

Attack Strategy

Massacre Clan uses a 3 part attack strategy to maximize our chances of winning clan wars.  

  1. The first part of this strategy is war time frame division, in this the first 12 hours of the war is primary attack, the second 12 hours is cleanup(see below).  In this we require all members to complete both attacks in the first 12 hours of war unless you are in the top 5 and on Line.   
  2. The second part of our strategy is target selection.  We expect our members to select a first target that they are 90% sure they can 3 star on the first hit.   To understand this members must first process that only 3 star attacks mean anything below the top 5.  This is due to anything below 3 stars in the lower ranks will be cleaned up and thus is just a wasted attack.  It is better that we have members going low and getting triples than going even and getting 2 stars.
  3. The third part of our strategy is organized cleanup, more information is available below.  That being said members or are interested in being involved in cleanup organization should download the app Line and join our clan channel.

Cleanup organization

Leaders and Elders will organize cleanup for the war, this will often occur on the app Line in our clan room.  This enables us the best chance to maximize stars ensuring victory.  In order for the cleanup to be effective all members that are not part of the cleanup team need to attack in the first 12 hours per our outlined attack strategy.

Clan War League Information


Massacre is a war clan and we have focused our energy on the participation and climbing of the CWL ladder.  We expect members to be ready to participate in CWL. 

In Clan War League we strive to make sure that all main accounts will be included in enough matches to get full trophies.  To this end we determined this to being in 4 wars. This gives people then chance for 8 stars without the need for any triples.

We expect members to be prepared to participate in CWL with their mains.  If your main is unavailable you can not get your alt in automatically.  The appropriate alt based on war weight will be put in and you will sit out until your main is ready.