Massacre Clan Rules


 Here are the basic rules/guidelines everyone in the clan must follow or risk facing consequences:  

1) Be courteous, mature and respect each other as peers.

2) Donate and request freely, as much as you can if possible. 

3) Stay ACTIVE and be INVOLVED - Clan games, wars, chat, etc. 

4) Alert a leader if you will be inactive for a period of one week or more. 

5) Elder is automatically applied after participating in two CWL with the clan.

6) Be supportive of your clan mates and offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms if  you can - we encourage a open atmosphere where no one worry after a bad  day. 

7) Opt out when you are not going to war; opt in when you are going to  war. Do note that if you do opt in you are expected to use BOTH hits  SERIOUSLY and aim for that 3*.  

8) In Clan Games, if you do participate, and we highly encourage you to,  you MUST score a minimum of 750 points - promotes fairness for everyone  who participated and lessen the burden on the team as a whole. 

9) For wars, mention what type of defense CC you want on the request,  however, please limit it to 8 troops at best so one person can easily  fill your CC. 

10) For wars, unless you are a cleaner (someone who will clear the  messes from fail attacks), you are expected to use your attacks within  the first 16 hours of war if possible. If not, please alert a leader of  your problem. 

11) For wars, unless later amended by the leaders, call using the  features offered in-game (flags and what not) and hit 3 hours after you  called - this way another person can attack if needed. 

12) Let only the highest level troops be donated for any war-related  matters (atk/def). 

13) Strive for improvement on atks/bases/farming - we all are trying to  get better as clashers together! 

14) Have fun clashing!