Massacre Clan ID: #8Y8YCPQ

 Massacre is a 5 year old clan,  we  have gone through many phases and leaders in our time.  We have a solid core of long term players and loyal long term  Massacre for life members.  

To put it this way, Massacre is a home for our members.  It is very  common that people who take a break from the game come back to Massacre  if they return to the game.  This in large part is because we take a fun  active approach to our game.  We enjoy winning and have a very good war  record to show it.  However we are not negative towards people, it is  our goal to help people grow and become better players. 

Massacre Clan is Recruiting

We are currently recruiting Town Hall 11+ and above with a minimum of 80 combined heroes. 

Current Leadership

Thrilla - Leader

Akadios - Co-Leader

Carnido42o - Co-Leader

thetardigrade - Co-Leader