About Massacre Clan

 Massacre is a 5 year old clan,  we  have gone through many phases and leaders in our time.  We have a solid core of long term players and loyal long term  Massacre for life members.  

To put it this way, Massacre is a home for our members.  It is very  common that people who take a break from the game come back to Massacre if they return to the game.  This in large part is because we take a fun  active approach to our game.  We enjoy winning and have a very good war record to show it.  However, we are not negative towards people, it is  our goal to help people grow and become better players. 

We war twice a week in between Clan War League weeks.  These wars happen on a schedule every week, with war search starting Wednesday at 5pm EST with the second war being searched when the first ends.  This allows our members a solid period of time to upgrade heroes without interfering with their ability to war. 

Massacre Stats


Clan ID: #8Y8YCPQ

War Record: 324/84

Members: 47

CWL: Crystal 1



Massacre Clan has a Line channel for out of game communication.  It is optional for members however required for Elders.

Massacre Leadership


Thrilla - Leader

Akadios - Co-Leader

Carnido42o - Co-Leader

thetardigrade - Co-Leader